Teachers-Ian’s Profile

Ian began his improvisation journey as a church musician, picking up the trade the old school way – thrown in the deep end and forced to play. Perseverance, inquisitiveness and being constantly surrounded by like-minded musicians were key to his progress. He eventually broke onto the scene in 2003, sharpening his skills by playing with seasoned and professional musicians in many bands and groups of all styles – including choral and vocal acapella.

 From the age of 5, Ian began his music education in both classical and improvisational piano. Upon completion of his classical grade 8 exams, he switched to pop improvisation, a skill founded in his childhood Yamaha-trained years. Armed with a keen analytical ear, he also developed perfect pitch on his own, which helped in his quick assimilation of popular Western music styles – Rock, R&B and Jazz.

In 2007, Ian began a career as a music educator and performer and has not looked back since. Born to two teachers, teaching is something he has always felt natural at. Balancing performance with teaching, he kept a healthy roster of 20 students per week, and is experienced teaching students of all ages and levels, particularly tertiary level students to working adults. While he has developed his own system and syllabus, Ian also maintains versatility through his wide broad experience in order to meet the specific needs of any student.

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