Nord Wave

The Nord Wave uses virtual analog synthesis for classic sound-shaping, along with FM synthesis and a wavetable engine. Used together or separately, these functions give you incredible sonic options. You can use the Nord Wave’s USB port to install free additional wave files from Nord’s website, as well as loading your own custom waves via a built-in editor. You can morph sound parameters easily and effectively with the multitude of controls at your fingertips. First you’ll be amazed by the stellar sound quality of the Nord Wave – then you’ll be astounded by the scope of your ability to manipulate those great sounds!

Nord Wave at a Glance:

  • Sweetwater-exclusive Bonus Instruments
  • The Next Generation of Stage Synth from Nord
  • A Multitude of Oscillator Models
  • Includes Mellotron Sounds
  • Control
  • No Hard Drive or Loading Times
  • Top-notch Samples
  • Easy-to-Use Editor
  • Morph In Time
  • Freaky Filters
  • Two of Everything
  • Powerful Effects Section
  • Stick To The Pitch
  • Superior Response

Sweetwater-exclusive Bonus Instruments
Sweetwater takes the amazing Nord Wave one step further with our Nord Wave Bonus Instruments collection, which contains samples, keymaps, and programs including:

  • DX-7 Jazz Guitar
  • Lush Stereo String Ensemble
  • Sexy Tenor Sax
  • Stereo Chorused Electric Piano
  • Stereo Drum Kit
  • The Mighty B-3 with Overdriven Leslie
  • B-3 Drawbar 888000000
  • B-3 Drawbar 888000000 with true Chorus/Vibrato
  • B-3 Drawbar 888664444
  • B-3 Drawbar 888664444 with true Chorus/Vibrato
  • Plus ModWheel crossfades between straight and C/V versions

Sweetwater also includes a QuckStart Guide to get you up and running in no time.

The Next Generation of Stage Synth from Nord
The name says it all really. By introducing the oscillator to waveforms – not just single wavetable-style waveforms, but complete user-defined, key-zoned and multi-layered sampled waveforms – while keeping the full virtual analog circuitry intact, Nord has opened a new dimension in the world of synthesizers. Take any audio snippet you like. If it can be saved as a standard Wav file, it can be used as a sound source for your synthesizer. You now have the full expressiveness of the classic analog synthesizer combined with sample technology available at your fingertips – all in a top quality, user-friendly and lightweight package.

A Multitude of Oscillator Models
By offering not only a large array of virtual analog oscillator models, but also FM modulation, wavetable synthesis, and sample playback waveforms you have the ultimate synthesis sound source in a vast number of combinations. Different models can be used simultaneously and modulated freely in a classical synthesizer setup.

Includes Mellotron Sounds
The Nord Wave comes shipped with a selection of the 68 tapes used by the Mk I, Mk II, M300, and M400 Mellotrons. The rest of this amazing library will be available for free to the Nord Wave users on a DVD or as downloadable archives. By sampling the sounds using fresh tape copies and a newly manufactured Mellotron instrument – built using vintage components – the Nord Wave reproduces these sounds with all hisses and fizzes exactly as they were meant to be.

By having every sound related parameter represented by a physical control on the front panel – just as with the vintage analogue originals – you have instant access to tune your sound as you go. No menus or page buttons are in your way.

No Hard Drive or Loading Times
In the studio, you might have the time to sit back and sip some coffee while your computer is busy loading two tons of samples. A live situation it is all about being in the moment, and you need immediate access to your samples. That’s why the Nord Wave has no hard drive or loading times. Once you have powered up the unit you have immediate access to all samples by the turn of a knob.

Top-notch Samples
Everybody prefers quality over quantity, and the Nord Wave comes with a 100% General MIDI-free guarantee. The installed samples hold up to the highest Nord standard, and provide a wide palette of sounds for live performance. All with that extra flavor needed for your sound to stand out. Plus, there is plenty of room for you to fit your own samples, or to download even more top-quality ones from the Nord website – all for free. Everything in the sample memory area is completely user-definable – if there is a sample you don’t like, you can remove it and use it’s space for more of the things that you do like.

Easy-to-Use Editor
Nord’s vision and long term goal has always been to build the best possible instruments for the gigging musician, offering superior quality and stunningly complex sound controlled through an intuitive user interface. The same goes for the sample editor, specially developed for the Nord Wave. It has neither bells nor whistles and is only intended for one thing: being the quickest and most easy-to-use tool for getting your samples laid out over your keys. It lets you focus on your music rather than on a piece of software.

Morph In Time
Almost any synthesis related parameter can easily be connected and individually controlled by a morph source such as the modulation wheel, expression pedal, keyboard velocity or keyboard note. Complex morph scenarios are available, but setting them up could not be made more easily or intuitive – simply hold the corresponding morph controller button pressed down and tweak the parameters all you want. When operating the associated morph controller, parameters will seamlessly change to their tweaked position. Also, you can record your tweaks along a timeline.

Freaky Filters
The filter section does not only feature true 24dB deep analog-modeled resonant filters of the standard low-, high-, and band-pass types with envelope and velocity control; you also have filter type combinations, and a formant filter offering to shape your sound out of recognition in no-time.

Two of Everything
Sometimes you want more, and with the Nord Wave you got it. Think of there actually being two synthesizers sections that can be used simultaneously. You can switch seamlessly between slots or layer them together by using the A and B slot buttons. Both slots are saved with in a program and instantly recalled just as you saved them.

Powerful Effects Section
EQ, delay, tube amp simulations, and several types of reverb give you that extra touch to truly make your sounds stand out. The tube amp features a massive overdrive, and the delay has a nice vintage character as well as tap-tempo functions.

Stick To The Pitch
The Nord patented wooden pitch stick offers no dead zone at zero crossing, and it’s ergonomically design will give you the same vibrato and pitch control as that of a guitar player.

Superior Response
The exclusive Nord hardware and software design brings you response times from note-on to sounding output like no other. The ultra-low latency simply does not compare to other hardware or especially software products. Weighing only 14 lbs it is the kind of instrument you easily carry with you and really will not notice. Until you plug it in.

Nord Wave Features:

  • Lightweight
  • No Load Time
  • Top-notch Samples
  • Effects Section
  • Virtual Analog Oscillators
  • FM Synthesis
  • Sampling
  • 24dB Analog-modeled Filters
  • Wooden Pitch Stick
  • Morphable Synthesis Parameters

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