Jazz Theory

This course is designed to examining the harmonic relationships used in the modern musical styles: jazz & rock, popular and commercial music. It assumed the reader has a working knowledge of scales (major, minor, modal eight note dominant scale and diminished, whole tone and the blues) as well as three, four, and five part chords.

Once the student has absorbed this material to the point at which she/he can draw his or her own conclusions based on this concepts, then she/he will be able to understand the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of today’s music. This foundation of practical, applied theories is the basis for all of our contemporary music: it enables the student to approach specific styles of playing and writing with an organized, workable basis. Enjoy the journey through the world of chord scales and jazz harmony.

Course Duration

This is an 16 week’s course, lessons are conducted once week and each lesson last about 90 minutes.

Course Outline

Harmonic Structures
Diatonic Harmony
Dominant Chord and Diatonic Function
Minor Key Harmony
Diminished Seventh Chords
Dominant Chord with Special Functions
Modal Interchange
Voicing Specific Chord Symbols and Structures
Modal Systems
Non-Functional Harmony
Introduction to Arranging


Students who do not have Grade 5 & above will be admitted on a case by case basis.


The $50 online Registration Fee for this course is strictly non-refundable.

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