Jazz Piano

The Jazz Piano course is designed to improve one’s natural ability to improvise and create music, and develop a sense of awareness of form and structure in music – jazz, and approach jazz improvisation in a concise, systematic manner.

Experience how Keyboard Theatre’s one of a kind state -of-the-art music lab can make a dramatic difference in your learning.  We create an organic and conducive learning environment, by combining effective pedagogical techniques, with interactive classroom technology.

The jazz piano course is divided into the following Modules, and is suitable for those who have had classical piano training, or are self-taught in pop music.

Course Duration

4 to 6 Months. Lessons are conducted once week and each lesson last about 90 minutes

Course Outline

Chord / Scale Relationships
Chords & Voicing

Broken Chord & Scale Patterns
Pentatonic and Blues Scales
Walking Bass Lines
II ­ V ­ I Sequences
Techniques / Line Improvisation
Tritone Substitution
Technical Exercises and Fingering
Accompaniment Styles
Ensemble Playing
Practice & Performance


Students who do not have Grade 5 & above will be admitted on a case by case basis.


The $50 online Registration Fee for this course is strictly non-refundable.

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